Heart, Soul And Mind- I’m Yours, Friend.

​In trust which doesn’t need to be specifically identified and be spoken for. In support which exists even without words and actions.In belief which doesn’t need facts to be proven.In faith which sees no auspicious dates or time. In safety which has no chains, doors or locks. In warmth where no man has a hand tending a fire. In time where hours, minutes and seconds escape in a whirlwind of laughter and giggles. In belongingness where similarity isn’t the only factor that bonds. In forgiveness where guilt exists only in that form which makes you want to be better. In respect which has no merits or laurels or age qualifying it. In admiration which goes beyond a pretty face, a beautiful voice, a crooked smile, a faded scar; which goes right down to the soul. In ordinary yesterdays, the memories of which are saved for a rainy day. In ordinary todays where a smile doesn’t need a reason to be formed. In ordinary tomorrows where no amazing plan is needed for the day to be looked forward to.

In love I found this. In magic I found my best friend.

And you ask why I choose them above everything?

-Kimaya Ingale.


Captors Of Eternity.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hi guys! This is nothing fancy, just my new found love and admiration for photographers put into fancy words. Sorry for the irregularity in my posting! Major love to those who’ve yet stuck around! 🙂

“…You know what, friend? 

I got tired of the broken promises of “forever”. I’ve learnt that the word is just a moment. Forever, my dear, it comes in the blink of an eye, the beat of an excited heart showing itself in a wide smile, the change in the colours of the sky and the quietness of a few seconds. 

 And here’s another little thing.

 We value time so much. Time is essentially what we need all the time. You see what I did there? Either it’s always running ahead of us and keeping us in the dreaded past. Or it’s killing us  minute by minute, blazing into the future. What’s more darling, is that we measure our oaths of forevers in time. 

 Here’s a well known secret about me. I click photographs, where the present, it stays. I capture time. I capture forevers. 

 So know me not as the girl who has been pushed over, lied to and trod upon. 

I know my worth as the captor of eternity and sweetheart, you should, too.” -I Am Stronger And In Love With Me.

 -Kimaya Ingale.


Moon And Tide.

“She put heartbreak in such beautiful yet powerful words. A true flood of melancholy. 

She told me that she saw herself as the moon. Her craters, these were the leftovers she had from her past failures. For such a beauty who allowed such ugliness to be adorned upon herself, how could I, a mere mortal, not yearn to take a closer look?

So, I landed upon her heart. For a few days, we thrived; during which, I became the stars in her eyes.

A celestial romance, eh? You can’t blame me for thinking that it’d last.

One moment, we ruled the night sky together.

And the next, she decided that my light burnt too bright.

Now that she is not mine, I see myself as a tide, yet pulled to her.

She, an eternal full moon to me, pulls me hard. 

But me, even at my strongest, fail to touch her.”

-Kimaya Ingale.

When I Look Up At You.

​What is it?

Happiness, its very embodiment, brought on by a ‘hello’. By a smile, which to all but one is a missed heartbeat and warmth, all at once. 

What is it? 

Safety- in your arms, hands, eyes, mind and heart- the places you hold me. There’s nowhere better than I can think of to rest my mind, stop guarding and just let go.

What is it? 

Trust. Hundreds and hundreds of secrets full of it. And to say I can do it without a second thought, well, that’s what does it for me.

What is it? 

Forgiveness; when you love my mistakes more than my pretty face. My errors and faults that you forgive, they make me a better person to love. Thank you, for shaping me.

What is it? 

Love. Glowing through the soul, the darkest nights. Grateful I am to me for not giving up on it after the last heartbreak. 

Because sweetheart, giving up on love would’ve meant giving up on forgiveness, trust, safety, happiness. 

It would’ve meant giving up on you.

-Kimaya Ingale.

An Ode To My Magical Mind.

To your deprived soul,
The ends of relationships aren’t exactly the best time to have a ‘soul to soul’, are they?
Whatever, I’m known to not have the best timings anyway.
I begin by applauding myself on my ability to not stop giving to people like you, who never cease to take. No returns, included. To others who haven’t had the opportunity to go through what I went, I might seem shallow, stupid and naive. But, I’ve learnt to not anyone belittle my pain, let alone my fury. Your indifference holds no ground, because this one, this time it’s all about me.
From where shall I commence MY story? Most tragedies begin with the general happiness and work their way down to the state of hurt. To pain. To grief. To nothing.
I don’t think I’ll be doing that.
Now that I’m mostly out of pain, I’ll add my own word to corroborate the statement that pain does demand to be felt. And I’d like to add that it does not only ‘feel’; I felt it resonating in every sinew of defense I had built for myself. It leeched itself onto all those minor details that my happy self missed out on, magnified them and watched them on a repeat on the giant screen known as my heart.
But worse than that was the blackout. The emptiness of the long hallways of nothingness. At least the pain brought with it, the flickering of lights. Some darkness is always better than complete darkness, I swear. I didn’t see the stars shine brighter, because the black seeped into my eyes. For the first time, the girl who never screamed during countless Friday Fright Nights, screamed internally. And all voices bodiless sound scarier, don’t they?
Now, I don’t really know what brought the lights back on.
Okay, I’ll admit it. It was seeing your face. And through your eyes, I glimpsed your deprived soul. You served as a reminder of why I deserved better. For that, I thank you. You reminded me in the harshest way possible that even after giving my heart to someone, I can live.
Scientifically that wouldn’t be possible, yes.
However, since science couldn’t provide the road for my recovery, I say that it was my soul and my mind that kept me alive. I’ve always been one of those people bowing down to the whip cracks of my mind, and I’m proud of the way it has me tamed. Heart and soul, wholly.
So, take away my heart. I now live in a place, in my mind where I can conjure up infinite others for the reasonable amount of heartbreaks that I know I’ll be going through, till I find someone worthy of my soul.
Last but not the least, I will tell you that I won’t be scrambling in darkness, not the one you left me in, anymore.
-From my revived soul.

-Kimaya Ingale.

The Wealth We Have In Common. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Being so crappy at updating, I have no right to be making you guys requests. But yet, I have one. The following post I’ve written is kind of very important. Not just to me, but to another as well. So, I would really, REALLY appreciate any feedback. If it’s too boring and causes you to quit midway, please let me know that, too. Thank you. 

I’d like to think of all of us as bank owners. Each one of us, owning a bank large enough to gather “savings” all life long, from the moment we first cry to signify the beginning of our existence.

And the gift of communication, oh sweet, beautiful language as the wealth we all share.

Language is the wealth that makes us humans. It’s what might help us get love, the quintessential ‘dollar’ that buys for us the ‘humanity’ in ‘human’.

Or hatred, the life-long lesson that might makes us want to ‘invest’ in love.

Reverting to simpler terms, I firmly believe that language, or words, are the wealth we have in common. 

Think about it. 

Words, are our biggest uniter. People say that love unites all, but a person suffering from philophobia (fear of love) might beg to differ.  

“Actions speak louder than words.”- To the believers in this saying I would like to say- with our actions, we’re making cracks in the society. We’re shattering ourselves and destroying our title as ‘humans’. Misanthropists would laugh and the cynics would have a gala time looking at us carrying out our truly hypocritical actions. Sure, actions guarantee proof to our promises while words don’t, but as I look around, I see us thriving on the ‘hope’ that words bring us. 

While we cannot actually see the actions that quantify a ‘better tomorrow’, words surely bring about the hope that fuels us to make it so. That is the significance of this wealth that we hold. 

Seven continents, hundreds of nationalities, thousands of religions- even the killer tsunami of differences, that these things bring upon us, cannot render anyone of us a beggar by robbing us of the ability to communicate. 

Sure, poets and writers might belong in the upper society with their prowess pertaining to words. But, no one, no one could be a complete pauper when wealth is counted in terms of language or words instead of other materialistic commodities. Everyone can have something to share and yet not worry about when they’ll run out of their riches. 

In case someone does run out, he or she can easily live off someone else’s, maybe even saving a life in this way. We’ve all heard of fans thanking their favourite musicians for saving their lives (and speaking from experience, I beg you to not put it off as mere exaggeration) through their lyrics. And, if saving lives doesn’t bring about a sacred bond between humans, then I do not know what does. 

Which also corroborates my earlier statement of saying that- words buy us the love we need to retain our humanity. 

To conclude, I’d like to treat you with a short poem-

“Though thou ask of me 

To give thee my most precious,

A wealth found nowhere;

O fiend, O greedy thief thee, 

My treasure of words thou

Cannot steal and keep it to

Thy self,

For wherever humanity exists,

It’ll be everywhere.”

Kimaya Ingale.