Welcome To My Ruins.

​These Lego pieces don’t fit, 

Unless you’re willing to give 

A few of your own,

And maybe permanent glue them;

They tend to be knocked down quite easily. 
These hallways to my mind

Were once alight, can you believe?

The marble, the wit, the walls, the sanity

They were all in place.

Now, even I can’t make sense of the mess.
The dining room of my heart 

Had the biggest chandelier,

The crystals were the family 

And friends and lovers,

Who lit me up wholly

whenever they convened.

The darkness now provides

A blanket, however. 
The backyard of my soul

Was the prettiest green, 

With the loveliest plants

Giving provided they were given.

Oh, believe me, it wasn’t always this dry,

There was life in it once. 
These were my favourite places

In the home I once had

That I could carry everywhere I went

Through meaningful lyrics,

White pages written upon by love,

Beeping of phones;

All of which ceased to be,

Along with me,

To put it subtly- when he discovered

The gypsy in him. 

That is why he would leave this eldorado

For other lands, right?
If he ever comes back, 

I think I have one wall of memories,

Memories of us painted red in love

Maybe then he’ll recognize the ruins

He left me in.

For others like you,

May I offer a full tour?

-Kimaya Ingale.


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