Heart, Soul And Mind- I’m Yours, Friend.

​In trust which doesn’t need to be specifically identified and be spoken for. In support which exists even without words and actions.In belief which doesn’t need facts to be proven.In faith which sees no auspicious dates or time. In safety which has no chains, doors or locks. In warmth where no man has a hand tending a fire. In time where hours, minutes and seconds escape in a whirlwind of laughter and giggles. In belongingness where similarity isn’t the only factor that bonds. In forgiveness where guilt exists only in that form which makes you want to be better. In respect which has no merits or laurels or age qualifying it. In admiration which goes beyond a pretty face, a beautiful voice, a crooked smile, a faded scar; which goes right down to the soul. In ordinary yesterdays, the memories of which are saved for a rainy day. In ordinary todays where a smile doesn’t need a reason to be formed. In ordinary tomorrows where no amazing plan is needed for the day to be looked forward to.

In love I found this. In magic I found my best friend.

And you ask why I choose them above everything?

-Kimaya Ingale.


❤ Your Thoughts Matter. Type. I'm Listening. ❤

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