Moon And Tide.

“She put heartbreak in such beautiful yet powerful words. A true flood of melancholy. 

She told me that she saw herself as the moon. Her craters, these were the leftovers she had from her past failures. For such a beauty who allowed such ugliness to be adorned upon herself, how could I, a mere mortal, not yearn to take a closer look?

So, I landed upon her heart. For a few days, we thrived; during which, I became the stars in her eyes.

A celestial romance, eh? You can’t blame me for thinking that it’d last.

One moment, we ruled the night sky together.

And the next, she decided that my light burnt too bright.

Now that she is not mine, I see myself as a tide, yet pulled to her.

She, an eternal full moon to me, pulls me hard. 

But me, even at my strongest, fail to touch her.”

-Kimaya Ingale.


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