When I Look Up At You.

​What is it?

Happiness, its very embodiment, brought on by a ‘hello’. By a smile, which to all but one is a missed heartbeat and warmth, all at once. 

What is it? 

Safety- in your arms, hands, eyes, mind and heart- the places you hold me. There’s nowhere better than I can think of to rest my mind, stop guarding and just let go.

What is it? 

Trust. Hundreds and hundreds of secrets full of it. And to say I can do it without a second thought, well, that’s what does it for me.

What is it? 

Forgiveness; when you love my mistakes more than my pretty face. My errors and faults that you forgive, they make me a better person to love. Thank you, for shaping me.

What is it? 

Love. Glowing through the soul, the darkest nights. Grateful I am to me for not giving up on it after the last heartbreak. 

Because sweetheart, giving up on love would’ve meant giving up on forgiveness, trust, safety, happiness. 

It would’ve meant giving up on you.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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