AUTHOR’S NOTE: Guys, there’s this one beautiful friend of mine and she has this amazing Instagram page called @theskygrapher. It would mean so much to me if y’all checked it out, because 1. She clicked the above picture. 2. She’s beautiful (I mean, what more could you ask for?) So go, go, GO!

I smile, now; I smile and that’s how I know that I’ve won. The wind caressing my scars, almost lazily. The leaves whispering episodes of all those times I stood my ground. The water reflecting what became of me, after all those battles I fought.
Though the clouds over the horizon serve as a constant reminder of an impending storm that’s certain to bring with it a shower of gloom, I still smile at what I’ve become and what I will make to stay.
A perfect picture of serenity, crafted by nature in all my permanency.

-Kimaya Ingale


10 thoughts on “Serenity.

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Wow, these words, lines are truly well drafted. I can already sense that you truly have a gift, and a talent that runs deep! – Cezane

    Liked by 1 person

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