You’re Worth The Goodbye. 

Words were my first love and they always will be. I romanced you through my words, but maybe you failed to understand them. 

Or maybe they were too honest, and at first, because the way like and unlike attract, you fell for them. They continued being honest, and you continued being you. Till, it got too much for you, and we ended up like this. 

I’m not angry with you. Not even sad. I just don’t feel anything. Maybe it’s all too unreal for me, yet. 

Or maybe, I’m broke from inside ’cause when we went down, so did a million of my feelings. I thank you, for God knows I could do without feelings for a while and making me realise that some people are worth goodbyes. 

Like all good things, this came to an end and you don’t really realise the worth of something till it’s gone. I wish it weren’t this way. I wish it wasn’t. I wish you did realise my worth. 

For now that we’re over, you’ll remember me. Time won’t be enough for healing this time. It’ll be me and my words.

Like all good things, this would come to an end. But I’m not the one who lost. You are.

For, darling, you’re a rose and I was thorns. You won’t realise my worth till I’m gone and they make you their prey.