In The End, We’ll Find Our Forever.

Dear me, 

                Uh-huh, I know you’re beat. Beat from caring a lot and doing everything you can to make others happy, but always failing. Tired from over-thinking and finding no solution. You feel tired again and frustrated, because you know you’re smarter than that and you always find a way in the end. But there’s no secret tunnel you found this time. The cave seems shut. No way for you to break through and you are so, SO scared to spend the rest of your time in this dark place. With probable Aragog-like spiders waiting just behind you to chop your head off. 

           I’ll be your ray of light, then. And you can actually count on me to stay. You won’t have no choice to doubt me, because you know you need this, this bleak ray of hope and the more you believe in it, you believe in me.

        The issue this time around is broken promises of “forevers” and “always(s)”, yes? 

       Brush them off, baby girl. As soon as they come, brush them off and never believe. 

      Because “forevers” don’t exist. Because “forevers” are entirely messed up things, that begin when you finally end.

      Remember, in the end, you’re only good enough for Death to keep you forever. 

      Till then, give the earthlings a piece of your pie, but take a good amount in return, because girl, you’re fine. 

      I’ll leave now, but just when you need another quick pick-me-up, I’ll be there. It’s a done deal, I swear. 
                                              Love, A Stronger You.


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