A Sad, Soppy Ode To School Life.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hi, it’s me, the girl who’s an absolute disgrace to the world of blogging and who thinks it is not entirely unacceptable to not post anything for months together and give half true reasons for it. Because- 1. School has been one of the reasons that I have not been able to post. 2. But, I’d be lying if I said that it was the only reason. I suffered from Writer’s Block. I know, the horror. However, here I am with a post that has probably nothing to which you guys can relate to, but it is a post that matters a lot to me. So, let’s get into it. 😀

School’s either that place where you curse the idiots around you and the 6  hours you’ve got to spend with them for education’s sake or that place where you learn to love those very same idiots and find that they become your second family.

Well, if that’s the case, I can proudly say that I am an Idiot.

My school has been terribly good to me. Like you’d expect a ‘sad post about school ending’ to say- the school has made me what I am. I can say that school was one of the reasons why I became brave enough to put myself out here, in the world of blogging.

Where did the time go, I do wonder. Why, I do remember my first day at my school, four years ago. It was honestly nerve-wracking and now when I look back on that day, I find myself berating me for thinking that I could possibly remain friendless in this place.

Because between irritating, teasing each other to no limit, putting our dirty hands into others’ lunches like they were our own, fighting and then laughing maniacally, we all found love and friendship and a place where we belong.

Words do amaze me sometimes. They act like a proper blanket, bringing under them all the emotions we feel; anchoring them in syllables and vowels. However, they are inadequate when describing something as raw, pure and unearthly as the love between friends.

How can I describe the way I love my friends? Words fail me. They are inconsequential. How can I possibly fit all the affection, respect and admiration I feel for a group of people, who went from complete strangers to my saviours in a couple of years? Can words capture the moments when I giggled so hard that my stomach hurt? Can they capture the realness of the smiles I smiled during my time at this place?


That’s why, I captured memories, both with my eyes and the camera. The lyrics of Ed Sheeran’s song, Photograph, come to my mind-

“We keep this love in a photograph,

We made these memories for ourselves.

Where our eyes are never closing, 

Hearts are never broken,

And time’s forever frozen and still.” 

It hurts saying good-bye to the place that’s given me so many reasons not to. Like all good things, school was going to end someday.

But just for once, amidst all the differences we harbour, I know our hearts beat in union, wishing that it wasn’t.

-Kimaya Ingale.