Past Tense.

Past Tense.

All I see now
Is a messed up mosaic
Of a previously
Unfinished masterpiece.

It is not pretty
It is not attractive
It is hideous
It is dangerous
It is not for
Untainted and undamaged
Eyes like yours.

But what is it that you say?
You don’t care?
You have promised to be
There till the end?
You have seen me in
All my former
Ups and downs;
And then why would
This be an exception?

This is exactly
What I said to
Someone I love with
All of me.
That’s what broke me apart.
They thought I faked my love
And then they left me with
A poor excuse of a heart.

So now,
I speak through
Vacant gazes at
Absolutely nothing.
Pain? What is that?
This is beyond pain.
This feeling,
It is beyond a
Wreck made produced by a train.
It is something
Out of this world
Out of the reaches
Of poets and writers
Waiting to constrain it
In a word.

I can’t scream,
I can’t shout,
I can’t cry.
All I know now,
With certainty-
Being a part
Of the past tense
Has never
Looked so
To try.

-Kimaya Ingale.


23 thoughts on “Past Tense.

  1. willytyme says:

    Wow, this is a lovely well written piece that can actually explain my heart break at times. “They thought I faked my love, And then they left me with, A poor excuse of a heart” has to to be the one that got me thinking. Very relatable, great job and keep writing because you are good at your craft. Painting art with words!

    Liked by 1 person

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