One Among Many.

One Among Many.

One among many,
His fingers reach
Towards his escape
Excitement causing
The tips to tingle
Like a dance to
An all familiar jingle.

One among many,
He touches the keyboard
Hoping that today
Would be it;
When someone, anyone 
Cares what he wrote.

One among many,
His words speak of
A deafening scream to be heard.
So that his doubts,
About whether
He’d survive till ‘morrow
Are cleared.

But being one among many,
They stay static
On his blog
No comment, no like
No one caring
Whether he’s just existing
Or A L I V E.

And like one among many,
The words, they sit
Like cinders;
Waiting, waiting
For ever,
To be kindled into a
100000+ hits holocaust.


18 thoughts on “One Among Many.

  1. dr sweetyshinde says:

    Loved this. It echoes so many newbie bloggers … and so many veteran bloggers too. No matter what we say about the inherent joy of writing, it remains equally true that we need a positive boost, a nod , a word of encouragement to keep the joy alive and kicking.

    Liked by 1 person

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