Questions, Answers (Part-1)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hi! Friday’s here finally, my tests are over, which means plenty of writing time (well, at least for the time being. Perks of being a tenth grader *sigh*). Anyway, the following post is a new style of writing that I’d been itching to try out in a post (it’s me basically pretending to be famous enough to grant me my own interview, lol). However, it has elongated the post I was planning to post in one part, quite a bit. So I’ll be writing it in parts. Let me know in the comments how you feel about it.

PS: I hope this debut doesn’t hit the rocks  😀

“Hi, Kimaya. You certainly do stay true to the secretive side in you, that we’ve often heard of. However, your fans are dying to know what your teenage was like. And they absolutely want to know what was your most defining moment in it?”

Really? I had no idea! It’s quite nice to know that people want to know about you; all the events backstage and not only what they see. It’s especially pleasing when you reveal the real ‘you’ to someone, like stepping out from behind the curtain and beginning the magic show called ‘yourself’. I’m fortunate enough to have been an audience to one of those during my teenage, and yes that is the my defining moment of teenage.

“Now, you’ve got us all charged up! Do tell more!”

Okay. However, I won’t reveal the name of the person for I’m not sure whether he would be okay with it or not.

Anyway, this incident happened in the summer when I was 14 and so was my friend. In the days before it happened, we were really closed (we are still) and now that I think of it, he obviously trusted me through and through. We were so close that people thought we liked each other and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have a sneaky suspicion that he liked me. Because he told his close friends that he did, and my best friend was one of them, I came to know, too.

“Did he know that you knew?”

I don’t know, really, until later when I confronted him about it. He was quite obvious about it, though. He had a secret name for me (you ask me how I know? Well, he was naive enough to tell my best friend) – Pears. They are his favourite fruit and his most favourite dog in the entire world was named Pears. I know, it’s weird. Anyway, as aforementioned, I don’t think he knew that I know until I told him I thought he liked me. He denied it, of course.  I didn’t believe him, but pretended to, for the sake of the continuity of our friendship.

“And then?”

-Kimaya Ingale.


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