G I R L.

You’ve never seen anything like her.

Or maybe you have. Either way, she likes to pretend she’s special, especially when she thinks she’s not. Doing so is what keeps her from being smothered by her et al ordinary-ness.

She’s like a dead fish, well, almost one, with just enough fight left in her to not go with the flow. It is amazing to watch her break through, even though it’s rarely that she does so.

Her dark brown hair clashes magnificently with her glasses. Dark blue square frames with a sparkle in the dark brown eyes behind them. But don’t assume that the spark is ever present. Because it’s not. The bad days make their presence felt.

You could say she’s pretty. You could say that that is the reason quite a lot of boys like her or have, including that special one. You could say that due to all that attention, she takes their feelings for granted or is narcissistic.

But only, you can’t. She respects them and is even secretly thankful for them to make her feel somewhat wanted.

She’s moody. It’s not everyday that she feels she is good enough. Or good at all. There’s so many days that she feels she’s ugly. She’s even got this silly fear of taking off her glasses because people have told her she looks better with them or ugly without them. Even her closest friends say so.

However, she’s promised herself that she will get them going for good, once, and find out who likes her for what she is, standing alone and not for what she becomes with accessories. If you are the one who does, it’s more of a lucky day for YOU than her. She’ll give something you better than love, give you something that is unearthly, indescribable. It would be like finding the Holy Grail after a lifetime’s worth search for it.

This girl, she’s big on little things. Fussiness over details concerning her, a first of anything, remembering special days and dates, goofy smiles when she meets someone new; she loves it all. She’s a mix-tape of cheesy pick-up lines (“I just sneezed and God blessed me with you!”), gorgeous metaphors, warm smelling perfumes. She’s honored when anyone wants to hear her out.

For a Gemini, she’s surprisingly romantic. Like some of the girls her age, she’s scared of falling in love. Because 1) She’s flighty. As simple as that. Blame it on her sign, if you’d like to. But she’s so scared of falling for a guy only to realise that she doesn’t like him anymore. She hates hurting people and more than that, she hopes and hopes and hopes that you don’t think of her as a skank. 2) She’s afraid of plummeting through the free fall, only to realise that all she can grasp at is thin air. And of course, the guy, who’s like a parachute ridden with poisonous snakes. She’s scared of not being good enough to stay.

The rare times that she really, really is in love, it’s gorgeous. It’s like sifting through a childhood memory that you know fills you with nostalgia which tugs at your heart. You feel it and you know it. She knows it, too, and she’s proud of it.

And what else? She’s glad you’ve read until the end the autobiography of someone who’s not particularly fascinating. She hopes you want to get to know her.
If yes, you can already see that goofy smile journeying across her face.

-Kimaya Ingale.
(The girl in third person)


23 thoughts on “G I R L.

  1. Shreeya Pradhan says:

    You are a free soul,
    So free, that you can,
    Give your words a breeze,
    And let them fly through,
    While being absolutely true.
    Love you for what you are, Kimaya!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. inspriromundus says:

    This is a very interesting piece of literature you have put together, I love the feeling as if I was the person describing the girl. The way you created this imagery was very realistic even down to the elements that were not physical. You allowed to see everything about “girl” =). You have gained my follow haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hemangini says:

    Little girl
    Growing up one day at a time
    Little one you are gorgeous
    Keep smiling, keep going on
    You will make it to the top ^.^

    Little girl you are beautiful soul. πŸ™‚ Hey keep this up! πŸ™‚ All d best for your futute

    Liked by 1 person

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