Gorgeous Devil.

There he stood. Laughing with his friends, eyes crinkled at the edges, teeth bared and nose upturned.

What a cutie.” said my mind with an all too familiar tone.

My gaze must have been palpable, for he turned and caught my eye.

Time. Frozen.

I stared back, though, appraising him. Call it the perk of being a Gemini, but I recognized him for what he was, instantly.

A gorgeous devil.

I may not be much of an expert on satanology, but I would fight tooth and nail with those who say devils just as grotesque, horned little blighters. Clearly, they hadn’t seen the finest of them, who was standing in front of me. Tall, smart, hair set perfectly, that tiny little mole near his nose on the left of his face. Perfection.

Our eyes cut off. He took one more step near me, that lopsided smirk already plastered on his face.

Oh, the gorgeous little devil…

But if he was thinking that he’d lasso me into his abode with that irresistible “hello”, he was in for disappointment.

Because darling, I’ve played with Hell all my life.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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