Haunted House.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m not really sure if I have clearly put out the message I have behind this little poem. And yes, I know the ending is beyond embarrassing but I couldn’t end it well! Sorry. x And constructive criticism is always appreciated. 🙂

Haunted House.

Darling, are you,
Are you afraid
Of your own being?
Afraid of the living
Haunted house
That you seem to be.

Ghosts of your past
Aboding the remnants
Of your scar(r)ed heart,
Possessing your being
Every time you
Turn to love.

Hands pulling you down,
When your head dares to bob
Above the storm
Trying to get everyone down.

Monsters under your bed,
Monsters in your head
Forcing you to put on a smile
When you are breaking inside.

Darling, darling,
Don’t be afraid
I’ll be the one
Turning on the lights
Petering out the dark
(That you are so afraid of)
With love lasting throughout
Your dark, dark, nights.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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