Baby, I’m Sorry.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Wahooo! It has been too long! Well, I’m back with a poem that I wrote in a particularly boring class at school. And oh, seriously, it’s not as good as the other ones I’ve written, but yeah, it’s cute and nasty. πŸ˜› Thanks for reading, loves! 

Baby, I’m Sorry.

So, you left me
Feeling mighty
Satisfied and smug,
But, baby you need not
Worry about me being hurt.


The hot, piping
Nice and yummy
(Which is not
Really good for
Your tummy)
Bowl of ramen noodles,
With tasty soup
Dropped in oodles,
Makes me happier
Than the memories
Of our romantic
Getaway at
Budapest, Hungary.

So, baby, I’m sorry,
I was never in love,
I was just hungry.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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