Puppy Love.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I was totally in the mood for some cliched, light and refreshing write up. And oh, this is quite personal to me as I’ve written this for a friend. Hope you like it! 🙂 

She was a goner.

The warnings reached her too late; he was already her waking thought. His attention was as important to her as sunshine to a sunflower.

But she was a sunflower growing on the edge of a town often battered by storms. With the sunshine more often present than absent, the nightmares of life without him plagued her.

She talked to her friends about it. However, their advice was superficial. They asked her to ‘maintain a distance’ but how could she maintain a distance from her own heart? 

Now, the love songs she so endlessly hummed had finally a subject to refer to. Her 11:11 wishes were not wasted on him, though. She spent them on herself, to pray that she would not have to go through the horrors of a heart break. She was sure that she wouldn’t make it.

However, like all love stories go, the twist was ever present in this one, too. Whilst she raged and stormed about how he didn’t care, little did she know that behind his aloof behaviour, behind that agonizingly “masculine” armor was a young boy who’d finally found someone who helped him experience the “thousand butterflies in my stomach” he had often heard of.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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