Life Lessons From A 15 Year Old.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please don’t judge this post by its shitty title. I couldn’t think of anything. And please let me know in the comments if you think of something better! x.

In a world where hypocrisy is the norm, learn to prioritize. Don’t give your love freely. It’ll only earn you a knife in the back. Dive into the unknown, sure, but not without a life jacket.

The realms of horror run pretty deep here, dear one. Be unpredictable, but stay true to your beliefs. Be a rising, colourful crescendo in this world which seems to be determined to sort out its affairs in black and white.

Choose a few people. Guard them ferociously. Love them and never let go. Test the waters before you leap. It doesn’t make sense to use the abbreviation ‘YOLO’ to do something which could potentially result in your destruction. Let the heartbreaks be living lesson and not bad memories of yesteryear, stuffed into a seldom opened suitcase.

Know the dictionary definitions of words and phrases, but only for practical purposes. Make your own on a personal level. Then, use them in your sentences and weave your life story out of them and-and-and OH! Let their liveliness take others’ breaths away. Let them soak in your brilliance and let them be inspired to do the same.

Learn to take responsibility. Stop being a bitch. Karma will follow your lead.

Darling, don’t limit yourself to mortality. Be a rain cloud. Learn to make people aware of your vitality by arriving only at certain times. Touch their lives. Cleanse them and give them the power to start anew.

But just don’t limit yourself to mortality. Aspire to be something more. That’s your ticket to be remembered.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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