Aesthetic: The Unsettled.


Some days, he’ll adopt that irresistible boy-next-door charm.

Others, he’ll be a brooding puzzle.

And the next day, he will be the school clown, laughing, making others laugh.

Just when you are about to label him as one of the stereotypes, his metamorphosis into its opposite will startle you. Don’t worry, he’s not schizophrenic. He’s not bi-polar either. He just won’t live under a label. Just as you thought he was settling for being a jock, his extraordinarily nerdy attitude will surprise you.

“Why?! Why not be one of the Populars?” -you might cry.

“Because being like the plot of an Agatha Christie book is better than taking up roots in a sobriquet and living the remainder of your life, TRYING to live up to it.” -would be his reply.

And that’s how you know folks, he’s like one of those fire rainbows. Very recherché. Striking. Bold. Worth remembering.

Don’t let the society place its label on you. Embrace your unpredictability and quirks. Be ensconced in them. Make them your protective shell against society. And remember, never settle.”

-Kimaya Ingale.


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