Through The Looking Veil.


Through The Looking Veil.

They told me that it wouldn’t last,
That the plunge wouldn’t be
Worth the free fall.
But I was naive, still living
My fantasy of
Perfect little china houses,
China people and me,
As the perfect little china doll.

They told me that the love would burn out,
That the storm wasn’t faraway;
That our flame was ready
To be doused out.
But I was a veil-holder
And looking through the veil,
He and I, together, were
Bound not to fail.

They told me to lift my veil
And take a look around,
That pretense and fake smiles
And white lies wasn’t
Going to help us to make it
This time ’round.
Although the bumps
In the road were felt,
I wondered what could possibly
Go wrong with him
As my seat belt.

Now, they said that ’twas too late,
They told me to get out
Before I ended up a shipwreck.
But being a veil-holder,
I had no reason to believe
That our odds (against us) were running
The course of defiance;
And him, whom I called the
Miracle ‘unexplained by science’,
Would be the hand playing the knife.
Despite of holding that
Precious piece of knowledge,
I played stupid and thought
That the “happy” memories
Would suffice for the coming
Pain to be disguised.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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