Tell Me A Lie.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Well, I’m sorry, because it’s been tooooooo long! Ugh, how I’ve missed this little baby of mine. Curse school. But I’m sorry, I really, really am. 

 So I’ve got here a little (well, not really) poem for you which kind of reflects my thoughts at this current moment. Bear with me if it’s a little rusty, because hey, this girl ain’t no professional here. So here we gooooo-

Tell Me A Lie.

Tell me a beautiful lie,
The kind that tells
That the stormy sky
Has turned pink,
Unlike it’s quotidian gray ink.

Tell me a hopeful lie,
The kind that says
That all the birds have
All safely flown home;
That their melody is not long gone,
Their rising crescendo will give way
To the start of a brighter day.

Tell me a deceptive lie,
The kind that speaks
That the love is yet not vanquished;
Which promises that he
Still loves her,
For better or for worse,
And she won’t be a single lady,
Lamenting on Valentines Day.

So tell me a lie,
That casts a veil between
The gloomy world and me;
Which promises me of
Rainbows and sunshine everyday
And not the waiting,
Inevitable melancholy.

– Kimaya Ingale.


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