And We Run.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello! So now obviously you’ve read the title of this little post of mine, and if it strikes you as something familiar, then yes, it’s a title of a song (I think it’s the title, because when I searched for it, it looked like the title). I just want to assert that I have no intention and had no intention of copying the title, because I wrote this poem in my examination hall and I had no idea that it was a song title.  So yeah, just wanted to put that out there. Here’s your poem-


And We Run.

They look at us
Like we are the
Deer of the hunting season.
Their looks of uncertainty,
About our survival,
Flashed upon us.
We see it

And we run.

The cynicism growing in
Our garden of existence;
As soon as its thorns
Puncture our safe haven,
We feel it

And we run.

The stars, they mock us
For our concept of ‘always’.
We see it in their shine upon us,
Threatening to expose us

And we run.

The storm hovering over us,
Lies and heartbreak
Swirling in a dark mass.
We sense it coming,

And we run.

Our waves of differences
About to crash and
Break down each other;
We see them heading
Towards each other.
Unwilling to see it go down
Just yet,
We get ready to take off,

And we run.

-Kimaya Ingale.


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