The Gamble Of Trust.

Hi guys! I’m updating at crazy speed, aren’t I? Well it’s just because this little blog is my baby, and I love to watch it grow. 😀 Anyway, as I mentioned in my introductory post, I literally paste thoughts from my brain onto this ‘new post’ box and present it before your eyes. And this is just that. My first attempt at a poem (poetry is so NOT my forte, so yeah, stick with me as you read this little goober).

The Gamble Of Trust

If life were a
Game of poker,
Trust would be
The chips at stake.
Every secret told,
Would be like a
Chip in the pot,
But, with gravity

Your secret-keeper,
Your cards.
And the opponents,
The ears hungry
For your secrets;
To use them to
Strip you down,
Like Hitler with-
Out his gun,
Because to see
You destroyed,
Would be their
Idea of-
“Oh, what fun!”

Survival in each round
Is the objective
Of this game.
For surviving each
Event of ‘I trust
You with this’
Is like winning
The hand of
Thy fair dame.

But out of all,
What counts is
The final showdown,
Where all the ‘chips’
Are in the pot
And the moment now
Is an atmosphere of
Live, or go down.

Ah, what joy it is
When your ‘chips’
Remain to be only yours.
Your cards, they did
Not let you down!
Aye, look it’s your
Breathe anew,
Lost and
(Surprisingly) found!

-Kimaya Ingale.


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