The Ambiguity Of A ‘Forever’.

“So is this your kind of ‘forever’?

Where leaving me comes at the end

Of each of your promises,

That just don’t seem to be.”

 “Forever.” she whispered under the rainbow of the colours of the dying sun.
“Forever.” I whispered in her ear; that sweet cologne of hers awakening me, as if all my life, up to this moment, was a dream.

 But now when I wake up, the left side of the bed with her sequined unicorn pillow remains empty.

Empty like the promises she promised to keep.

Empty like my broken, obliterated heart.


You see, you never know what is the period of ‘forever’ considered by the other person. You never know when it is time up.

Never know when the hourglass runs out of sand.

Never know what their ‘terms and conditions applied’ are.

And you never know how, why and when it ends.

It might end right after that moment has passed. It might end when you are too late.

When just for that once when it mattered, it were not your arms that held your crying girl in the street.

But what I do know now is that my belief in ‘living in the moment’ has been reinstated. Because forever is, but an ambiguity.

“So stop waiting for when your ‘forever’ is going to come around. Waiting for that sly little sucker might just cause you to miss the moments that count.”

-Kimaya Ingale.


2 thoughts on “The Ambiguity Of A ‘Forever’.

  1. Sheetal Pahadi says:

    I realised this fact just this month. And its my humble request to every lover – “Never ever promise your partner to be with them forever.” That is the worst of the worst lies you can ever tell. I agree with you. ‘Forever’ is an ambiguity. ‘Forever’ does not exist. ‘Forever’ is just an ideal situation- but a hypothesis.

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