“What does that even mean, girl?” you say?
Well it’s just a ‘hello’ in Hausa. Nah, I’m no Afro, but why not try something new other than the average ‘hello’? Life is all about trying new things everyday, isn’t it? (PS: You will find such cheesy and cliched things often on my blog, but they are here for a reason, earthling; because they are TRUE)

Yeah, so where was I? Ah, yes, the introduction.

I’m your girl, Kimaya (pronounced as ‘ki-ma-ya’), the creator of this literary thingamajig, amongst many others, where you can relate to emotions, to the happiness induced in happy moments, the sadness induced in sad moments, yada yada.

This ride you’ve gotten yourself into, the one after getting past the first paragraph, is going to be NOT a monotonous one. And by monotonous, I mean to signify that you won’t be seeing all the posts as being sloppily happy, nor too sad, and for that matter, it might not be great always, and it might not be too bad, either. It is going to be pure and raw, just the stream of my words as they flow- from my thinking machine, to in the front of your eyes.

So yeah, I won’t go on for long, but if you promise to stick with me, I promise you’ve found a life-long Internet friend in me. Peace out, be glamorous.

-Kimaya Ingale.


❤ Your Thoughts Matter. Type. I'm Listening. ❤

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